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KP Asli Frozen Native Chicken 1.0kg - 4 birds [ FREE SHIPPING ]

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    • Model KP Asli Frozen Native Chicken 1.0kg - 4 birds
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    KP Asli Sdn Bhd


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    KP Asli Frozen Kampung Chicken, without head, without feet, without gizzards.
    4 birds per pack, ~4.0kg - 5.0kg per pack

    √ HALAL certified
    √ Antibiotic free
    √ Chemical residue free
    √ Preservative free

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    Total weight per pack (4 birds per pack):
    ~4.0kg - 5.0kg

    Fresh Frozen (blast frozen at -40ºC), vacuum and shrink pack, ready to cook.

    Storage instruction:

    The product should be kept refrigerated at 4ºC or below, or kept frozen at -18ºC if not consumed immediately. Raw meat and poultry should be kept separate from other foods. Before consumption, the product should be fully thawed and thoroughly cooked prior to serving. The product is fresh frozen and is ready to cook.

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