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Frozen Smoked Duck Breast (200g)

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    KP Asli Sdn Bhd


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    Frozen Smoked Duck Breast, 1pc per pack, ±250g per pack

    Preparation method:
    1. Defrost the frozen smoked duck breast until it is fully thawed.
    2. Fry in pan or bake in oven or air-fryer until skin turns crispy and golden brown.
    3. Slice into pieces, ready to serve.

    Weight per pack:

    Fresh frozen, well-seasoned, vacuum pack. Ready to cook, ready to eat

    Storage Instruction:
    The product should be kept frozen at -18ºC if not consumed immediately. Before consumption, the product should be fully thawed and thoroughly cooked prior to serving. The product is fresh frozen and ready to cook.

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