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    KP Asli Sdn Bhd


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    Products in this Package C1 include

    • 1x KP Asli Frozen Native Chicken, (±1.0kg - 1.2kg)

       - 1 bird, without head, without feet, without gizzard.
       - Fresh frozen, vacuum and shrink pack,
     ready to cook.

    • 1x Frozen White Prawns AA 31/40, (±700g)

     - Fresh frozen, ready to cook

    • 1x Japanese Scallop 30/40 (±1.0kg)
       - Frozen, ready to cook

    • 2x Grilled Eel, Unagi (±200g)
       - Fresh frozen, well seasoned, vacuum pack, ready to eat

    • 1x Patin Slices (±1.0kg)
       - Frozen, ready to cook

    • 5x Frozen Salmon Fillet (±200g)
       - Fresh frozen, vacuum pack, ready to cook

    • 1x Frozen Cuttlefish with Head (±1.5kg)
       - Fresh frozen, ready to cook

    • 2x Frozen Prepared Squid 鲍鱼片 (300g)

       - Frozen with gravy, ready to eat

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